We provide professional manpower to our clients through our worldwide manpower resources. All personnel in our custom-designed database are pre-screened, thus providing our clients with reliable personnel who will perform satisfactorily.

oil and gas/marine/construction industries to provide technical manpower support services to our valuable clients and this enables us to manage huge data around the world with vastly experienced personnel. 

Our Workers are trained and qualified for Singapore Industries at BCA-approved training Centres overseas with our Partnering organisation in approved countries.

Our labour force recruitment channels are widespread globally, providing technical manpower support services. All the labour force being employed in various industries goes through a proper screen check validating their identities and experience in the relevant field. We extend our labour force services to the corporate world.

Skilled workers employed by us are performing exceptionally well, enabling us to be a trustworthy employment agency. Our experts manage the employer and employee data, intently ascertaining reliable recruitments.

What else do you get?

  • IPA Application
  • Issuance of Work Permit
  • Security Bond for Workers
  • Primary Care Plan for Workers
  • Appeal for Rejections
  • Transport from Airport
  • Repartation
  • Dispute Resolutions
  • Migrant Worker Onboarding Booking
  • Core Trade
  • Construction Safety Orientation Course