Finding a place that does all the hiring for you without any hassle allows you to be more productive in other work areas.

And Favent Force is here to do it for you!

We have a global human resource network to find out the right people for your business as well as domestic help.

All is done flowingly, from authenticating the recruited people to meeting all the legal needs and insurance.

Labor force

Our labor force recruitment channels are widespread globally, providing technical manpower support services. All the labor force being employed in various industries goes through a proper screen check validating their identities and experience in the relevant field. We extend our labor force services to the corporate world, including industries like

  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine
  • Construction

Skilled workers employed by us are performing exceptionally well, enabling us to be a trustworthy employment agency. Our experts manage the employer and employee data, intently ascertaining reliable recruitments.

Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)

Foreign Domestic Workers are recruited worldwide, and looking for a reliable employee is no trouble with Favent. We offer FDW services to a wide number of countries, including

  • India (Tamil Nadu, Darjeeling, Punjab, etc.)
  • Sri Lanka
  • Philippines
  • Myanmar
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Nepal

What else do you get?

  • We offer Full Medical Check-Up & Bi-Annually Check-Up of the FDWs to ensure that they are in the best of health and fitness.
  • The purchase and processing, and security bond are our responsibility once we start with the process. You do not have to worry about any of it.
  • Favent makes certain to provide airport pick-up and repatriation of your Foreign Domestic Workers.
  • Not only do we offer the pick-up to and from the airport for your FDWs, but we also take care of their arrival and departure air tickets.
  • Favent provides lodging for your Foreign Domestic Worker while you are away on holiday and can’t take them with you.
  • We offer the Home Leave Levy Claim for your Foreign Domestic Worker when needed.
  • Forget about the renewal and cancellation of the FDW while Favent does hiring for you. We also process direct hiring on your behalf.
  • Additionally, we also provide Employers with Free Mitigation on Employer-Employee Disputes.
  • We take responsibility for the work permit for the foreign worker (labour) and foreign domestic worker (FDW) approved by the Ministry of Manpower. Other kinds of passes include the work permit for confinement nannies.